Welcome to the Toronto Health Centre, a rehabilitative care centre located in Downtown Toronto offering Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy treatments.

Our concept follows the European tradition whereby people suffering from painful conditions can come to a centre that offers healing in spa-like facilities. This sets us apart from other clinics as we aim to provide physiotherapy and chiropractic care in a setting where you can get away from your day and relax. As well, we also offer orthotics, compression socks, and acupunture services on site.

Quadratus lumborum
17 Jul 2017 22:31Quadratus lumborum

Quadratus lumborum is a smaller muscle but one that can cause a large amount of discomfort.

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Safe Gardening
17 Jul 2017 22:27Safe Gardening

A common ailment we hear about is lower back pain when gardening. To help avoid injury and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the Ontario Chiropractic Association has come up with some ideas to protect your body. The following is some key information one should keep in mind.   1. Stretching Gardening is a physical activity just like biking, or golfing and it is important to warm up your muscles  [ ... ]

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