Welcome to the Toronto Health Centre, a rehabilitative care centre located in Downtown Toronto offering Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy treatments.

Our concept follows the European tradition whereby people suffering from painful conditions can come to a centre that offers healing in spa-like facilities. This sets us apart from other clinics as we aim to provide physiotherapy and chiropractic care in a setting where you can get away from your day and relax. As well, we also offer orthotics, compression socks, and acupunture services on site.

Better Your Back: All About Posture
30 Mar 2017 23:28Better Your Back: All About Posture

Hunched backs. Bent necks. Imbalanced hips. You are probably aware that how you look (and how you feel!) is directly related to your posture.

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Foot Care for Diabetics
30 Mar 2017 23:24Foot Care for Diabetics

If a foot ulcer is developed, then a chiropodist (foot doctor) will know the right way to clean and treat the wound. He or she may provide a cream to use at home. Debridement is the process of cleaning infected tissue.

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