Packing Light

packing your lunchWe all like to be prepared-but sometimes preparedness can weigh us down. The following are some tips to help lighten the load when traveling back and forth throughout the week.

    1. Keep the books at home
      1. Lugging textbooks to campus each day can take up a lot of space in your backpack (and weight!) Take pictures of the pages you need to refer to in class instead. This way you can study at any time-regardless if you remembered your book or not.
    2. Pack a light lunch
      1. Be aware of the containers you are using to pack your lunch. Those insulated thermos’ can add a lot of weight, so try to balance out what you are using. You can even bring your snacks for the week such as granola bars, apples, etc. on Monday and store them at your desk or in your locker. As an added bonus it will save to time in the morning when getting ready!
    3. Swap out folders for binders
      1. Instead of trying to cram all five of your school binders into your backpack and still close the zipper try instead to take out the necessary papers and fit them in a folder instead. Not only is this much lighter, it also saves room for the rest of your belongings!
    4. Work shoes at work
      1. You would be amazed at how heavy shoes can make a bag. Their size is also so bulky it is difficult to pack around them. Try to have a pair of shoes that can be your “work shoes” and keep them at the office. That way on rainy days when you have to wear your rain boots you won’t have to worry about carrying along an extra pair.
    5. Cash your change
      1. We all have that one pocket which seems to be our storage space for all the loose change we own. Instead of letting all of this spare change add extra weight to your bags, try to make it a goal of clearing out your bag once a week. Keep only a few of each coins so you won’t run low on cash, but aren’t weighing yourself down.

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