5 Minutes That Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re a mom or a busy manager or maybe even a student you all need energy to get through the day. Energy that lets you chase after that toddler, finish those meetings or study for a midterm. Energy like that needs to be gained in the morning. After a long night of rest your body has been on a fast that needs to be broken with the most important meal of the day, you guessed it, BREAKFAST!

 Of course, it is not easy to prepare a full, healthy dose of breakfast, so most of us opt for sugary cereals, frozen waffles, a bagel and a coffee or worst of all no breakfast. About 13% to 18% of individuals skip out on breakfast reports a market research group, NDP Group. The problem with skipping breakfast isn’t just hunger; in fact there are more serious repercussions to skipping this meal.

Diabetes, Type 2 specifically: Skipping just one breakfast in a week can increase your chances of diabetes by 20% reports the American Journal of Nutrition. Type 2 diabetes chances increase even more to a whopping 54% for working women Type 2 diabetes is your insulin’s inability to recognize sugars. Sugar intake or levels are monitored by insulin. Insulin acts as a receptor on your cells which notifies the body when your sugar levels are high enough. When you wake up from the night, your insulin levels are flat. Skipping breakfast and then eating a lunch can cause a sudden spike in your insulin level; sudden spikes often lead to quick “crashes.” These fluctuations can eventually lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Obesity: Those who skip breakfast are at a high risk of obesity compared to those who eat breakfast. During the initial hours of sleep, your body is able to maintain your physiological being due to its normal blood glucose levels. However as the day fast approaches, blood glucose levels begin to drop; to keep your body from extremely low blood glucose levels, your body uses the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol allows your body to tap into your proteins (muscles) for energy.   This ultimately leads to a decrease in muscle activity and percentage. Your body needs the food intervention in order to function with normal glucose levels.

Of course, it isn’t easy to come up with a meal every morning, between the work and stress most people tend to skip out on breakfasts. But what if there were options that took less than 10 minutes to make. 10minutes that can better your health. Ultimately you want to eat something that doesn’t make you sluggish and provides you the right kind of protein. You want enough carbohydrates in your breakfast meal to fuel your energy, your body taps into stored carbohydrates first.  So skip the protein bars and see how simple foods can change your life.

Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast with a glass of juice! Cook time: 5 minutes
kcal: 231 fat: 7g protein: 13g carbs:28g sugars: 16g
Image of Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast: 



Berry omelet! Cook time: 10 minutes
kcal: 264 fat: 12g protein: 21g carbs: 18g sugars: 16g
Image of Berry Omelet 



Porridge with a side of blueberries! Cook time: 10 minutes
kcal: 168 fat: 2g protein: 9g carbs: 24g sugars: 9g
Image of Porridge with a side of blueberries: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/porridge-blueberry-compote


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